With Diwali coming up in 2 days and also the start of winter season, this Diwali it will be nutritious whole wheat laddoos with the added goodness of dink/ edible gum as dink is very nutritious and yes the mild crunch of dink adds falvour to the very simple whole wheat laddoos. Dink / edible gum is great for bone health, helps strengthen the spine, nourishes the bone tissue, is calcium rich, and very important keep us safe from winter illnesses. Now, how much do you eat this?? Since dink is a heat producing food, it is best consumed in Winters in Moderation. One laddoo per day is just fine to consume. A lot of knowledge is hidden in our age old customs and must be followed. These days ingredients like garden cress seeds/ aliv, dink/ edible gum are not as popular as once upon a time. Please do include dink in moderation as part of your diet in winters.



2 1/2 cups whole wheat flour

3/4th cup melted ghee

50 gms edible gum crystals/dink

1 cup powdered sugar + 2 tsp (adjust to sweetness required)

3/4th to 1 tsp cardamom powder


Heat the melted ghee in a flat heavy bottomed pan or kadai, add the edible gum/dink crystals and fry them till they all puff up. You could fry them in two batches so that they puff up well. Once done transfer to a plate. Cool and grind to a fine powder. To the rest of the ghee add whole wheat flour and roast it on low flame continuously till you get the aroma of roasted wheat flour and till it changes colour. The flour should be roasted well if not it will give a raw taste to the laddoos. Once well roasted set aside to cool a bit .

When warm mix the whole wheat flour, crushed edible gum and powdered sugar and cardamom powder. Shape into small lemon sized balls when warm itself.

Patience is required to bind these laddoos as they tend to break even on a little extra pressure. If you are not able to bind them add a little melted ghee a little at a time and then bind them. First bind them in between your palm and fingers and once it gets a nearlt shape, very gently roll it between both palms. You’ll get the perfect round shape.

Store the laddoos in an airtight container at room temperature.

This proportion makes approximately 28 to 30 laddoos.


Use small sized dink crystals as they get fried evenly and properly and it’ll be easier to crush them.

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