Teasel Gourd Tava Fry / Phaglache kaap


Teasel gourd/ Phagla is a seasonal vegetable available in the monsoons. Teasel gourds are rich in iron, protein and have antibiotic properties, are easy to digest, high in fiber, so try and include it in your diet as much as possible. The skin of teasel gourd is spiny but it has maximum nutrients, hence include it too. They taste delicious when shallow fried in oil. Posting a simple recipe of shallow fried teasel gourds which taste great with solkadi or dal, rice, my favourite being solkadi rice and shallow fried teasel gourds.



• 200 gms teasel gourds

• 2 tbsp rice flour

• 1 to 11/2 tbsp semolina/ rawa

• Salt to taste

• 1/8 tsp asafoetida

• 1/8 tsp turmeric powder

• 2 tsp kashmiri chilli powder (adjust to personal taste)

• Oil as required for shallow frying


• Soak the teasel gourds in salt water to remove dirt if any from its spines. Rinse them thoroughly as it’s texture is spiny. Cut off the edges and slit into thin slices vertically and dip them in water.

• Combine the mentioned dry ingredients well. Remove the teasel gourd slices from water,tip off excess water and coat the sliced teasel gourds with the rice rava mix one by one, till they are well coated. Heat an iron tawa and place the coated pieces on it.

• Leave oil from the sides and cook them over low to medium heat till golden brown on each side. Pour a little oil from the sides when they need replenishing. The teasel gourd pieces are done when golden and crisp.You could check the same by pricking the pointed edge of a knife into the slice.

• Serve hot with solkadi or dal, and steaming hot rice.


• Adding rawa makes the teasel gourds crispier.

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