Strawberry Shrikhand / Strawberry flavoured yoghurt

A very happy new year friend$$$$. Posting a simple and easy flavoured yoghurt recipe with the addition of strawberries / seasonal favourite fruit.

Strawberry Shrikhand is a recipe where fresh strawberries are added to yoghurt that adds ultimate flavour to it.



  • 2 cups thick curds made with full cream milk(It should be a little sour)
  • Powdered sugar (adjust to individual taste and also depending on the sweetness of the strawberries)
  • 6 fresh strawberries mashed or crushed
  • Fresh strawberry pieces to garnish


  • Place the thick curds on a muslin cloth, tie it in a bundle and place in a siever with a weight on top to drain for atleast three hours until the water content (whey) has drained off in a deep container below.
  • In a mixing bowl combine the hung curds and sugar,and blend the mix using a blender in spurts to get an even creamy texture. DO NOT run the blender for long at one go as it can result in a runny shrikhand. Add in the mashed strawberries and mix well with a spatula. Transfer the same to a serving bowl.
  • Refrigerate the shrikhand covered for at least an hour.
  • Serve chilled or even at room temperature garnished with strawberry pieces with hot puris or even as a sweet dessert.


  • The thickness and sweetness of the shrikhand depends on individual taste. Some like it sweet while some like it sweet and tart. Adjust taste accordingly.
  • Choose fresh, ripe and sweet strawberries so that minimum quantity of sugar is required.

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  1. This treat sounds amazingly delicious! I think that this would be a great treat in the summer. I love the thickness and creaminess from the yogurt that fills your mouth with deliciousness.

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