Sol Kadhi / Kokum Saar

Sol Kadhi is a simple digestive drink recipe from Konkan/ Goan cuisine. It is an appetising and digestive drink made from Kokum and coconut milk. It acts as a cooling agent and is an immunity booster. Kokum is a dried fruit found mostly in Goa and Maharashtra. Kokum contains a lot many healing properties and hence is also called Soul Kadhi. Posting the simple, healthy, easy Sol kadhi recipe below.



• 8 to 10 kokum petals ( depending on the sourness of kokum)

• 1/2 fresh grated coconut(approximately 1cup)

•Water as required

• 4 green chillies (adjust as per spice required)

• 4 to 5 garlic cloves

• 1/8 tsp asafoetida (optional)

• Salt to taste

• Coriander leaves to garnish.


  • Soak the kokum in 1/4 cup very hot water and keep aside. Let it cool completely. This will give the perfect deep pink colour to the kokum water. Once cool squeeze the kokum in this water, this will release more colour as well as its tartness. Keep aside.
  • In the meantime grind grated coconut , garlic, chillies adding a little water. Pass it through a strainer and extract the coconut milk. Repeat the same procedure twice. Add this coconut milk to the cooled kokum water.
  • The kokum water should be at room temp. (If you add coconut milk to hot kokum water it will split). Adjust the coconut milk to the desired thickness of the kadhi.
  • Add salt and asafoetida and stir well. Garnish with coriander leaves. Remove the kokum pieces after a while if not it’ll become very sour if kept for long.


  • Kokum when kept at room temperature tends to lose colour over a period of time. Store fresh kokum in an air tight freezer safe container in the deep freeze. The colour of kokum will stay intact. This tip was shared by the vendor selling the kokum in Savantwadi and yes it works.
  • The consistency of kokum kadhi depends on individual choice, though personally I feel it should neither be too thick nor watery to enjoy maximum flavours.


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