Satyanarayan Prasad Sheera / Prasadacha Sheera


This Sheera is offered as prasad on the auspicious occassion of Satyanarayan Puja hence also called Prasadacha Sheera. The speciality of this prasad is the ingredients are used in 1 1/4th measures. The measuring cup can be big or small just see that the same measuring cup is used. The quantity of ghee added may seem a bit too much but this is what makes the prasad stand out from the regular sheera recipe. The recipe mentioned below is the basic traditional recipe for this puja, however the same may vary from one home to another.



1 1/4th measure melted ghee

1 1/4th measure semolina/rawa(the one used for sheera)

1 1/4th measure hot milk

1 1/4th measure sugar

5 small bananas sliced into thin roundels (I used small sized elaichi banana)


    Heat ghee in a deep container, add semolina and roast well on low flame till it slightly changes colour (a sign that its roasted well is you’ll get its aroma even at a distance).
    Once roasted add hot milk and bananas and keep stirring continuously and see that there are no lumps.
  • As the rawa is well roasted, It’ll fluff up nicely. Stir for sometime till its cooked and finally add sugar and keep stirring till the sugar melts and mixes well with the rest of the ingredients and the sheera is cooked.
  • Prasadacha Sheera is ready to be offered as naivedyam.


  • Only 5 ingredients are used to prepare this prasad as per rituals and the flavour of this prasad is awesome and unique.
  • Usually chiroti rawa/ fine rawa is used to prepare this sheera but the ghee literally comes up after the prasad is cooked, so I used thick rawa that is one shade thicker than fine rawa and the ghee gelled well with the sheera the end result is as I have shown in the pic.DO NOT USE COARSE RAWA.

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