Ghavan Ghatla (Ghatle)  / Mature Cucumber Pancakes / Kakdi (Taushe / Tavshe) Ghavan and Sweet Coconut Sauce

Ghavan ghatla is a naivedyam recipe which is a combination of cucumber pancakes and sweet coconut sauce and is offered to goddess Gauri(mother of Lord Ganpati) during Gauri and Ganpati poojan.

GHAVAN / Cucumber Pancakes

The recipe of ghavan varies from household to household. An easy peasy recipe but very delicious at the same time. This is one of my favourite festive recipes.

Ghavan, a traditional Konkan delite are instant pancakes and don’t need fermentation. These cucumber pancakes are prepared using mature cucumber (Taushe / Tavshe) as we call it which are available in the monsoons and during the festive season of Ganesh Chaturthi. You can also use the shaded green cucumber for the same but not the pale ones.



1 cup grated mature cucumber / taushe

3tbsp jaggery ( Or as per individual choice)**

1/4th cup + 2 tsp rice flour (approximately) 

1/2 cup whole wheat flour  OR as required

2 tsp oil

Salt to taste

Water as required ( I added 1/4th cup )

Oil to shallow fry the pancakes


Rinse the mature cucumber well, peel the skin, cut it into half horizontally and grate it without excluding the seeds. Dispose the seedy portion. Squeeze out the water from thr grated cucumber and keep it separately.   Pulse/ whip the squeezed grated portion a bit in the mixer so that the texture is uniform. Cucumber releases moisture hence you don’t need to add water while pulsing.

Transfer the ground mix into a pan, add jaggery and heat it. Once the jaggery liquifies, add the squeezed out water of the cucumber too and cook it till the mix bubbles (say about 3 to 4 minutes). Switch off the flame and let the mix cool. Once cool , add rice flour first, mix it well then add whole wheat flour a little at a time as required and mix well to make a thick batter. I did this using my hand so that there are no lumps. Keep aside for 10 minutes so that the flours are gelled well into the mix. The batter has to be of dropping consistency. Add water if required. I added (approximately 1/4th cup) water to make a batter of dropping consistency. Add salt, 2 tsp oil,stir well and keep aside for 10 minutes so that the mix gells well.

Heat a cast iron tawa/skillet and drizzle a little oil over it. Stir the batter, pour a small ladle of the batter in a circular motion. These pancakes are neither thick nor thin and should be smaller in size too for easier flipping. Leave a bit of oil from the sides, this helps to flip over the pancakes easily. Cover and cook with a steam release lid till golden and cooked on the underside. Gently flip over and cook the other side too.

Stir the batter well each time you pour it as the flours tend to sink to the bottom.

Serve hot cucumber ghavan with ghatla/ sweet coconut sauce the recipe of which I’m posting below as an accompaniment. Tastes awesome. 

These ghavan taste best when served hot (off the flame to the serving plate). 

The proportion mentioned yeilds 6 ghavan of 5 1/2″ diameter. 


I have cooked the ghavan on a cast iron skillet/ tawa, the texture comes out as shown in the pic.

As cucumber is added, the batter is soft as it keeps releasing water hence always make small pancakes so that they do not tear. Also the pancakes should neither thick nor thin. Use a broad flat spatula for easier flipping. 

Do not add too much jaggery as the pancakes will stick to the pan and they won’t be cooked perfectly. Also ghatla / ghatle is sweetish tastewise, the pancakes are to be dipped in ghatle and then eaten, so the combo may turn out to be too sweet.

Addition of 2 tsp oil to the batter helps in giving an even consistency to the batter.

Just in case the ghavan tears while flipping add a little more whole wheat flour to the batter and mix it well. 

These ghavan taste good even when at room temperature and they do not become chewy either. But they taste best when served hot.




1 cup fresh grated coconut

4 to 5 tbsp jaggery OR as per individual sweetness required and also depending on the sweetness of the jaggery

2 tsp rice flour

1/2 tsp cardamom powder

A pinch of nutmeg powder

A pinch of salt


Extract coconut milk by grinding the fresh grated coconut adding a little water. Place the ground paste in a muslin cloth or strainer and squeeze out the milk. Repeat the procedure once more. The coconut milk has to be of thick consistency. You get approximately 2 cups of coconut milk. 

To the coconut milk add jaggery as required and rice flour, and mix well. There should be no lumps. Transfer the mix to a pan and heat it on low flame on the smallest gas burner and let it simmer, stirring continuously to prevent lumps from forming.

The mix will thicken. Switch off the flame, add cardamom powder and nutmeg powder and mix well. This mix is known as ghatla / ghatle. Serve hot ghavan with ghatla.


Adding rice flour to the coconut milk is important, if not it may split when heated.

The consistency of the coconut milk should be a little thick to get the perfect flavour.

Add jaggery depending on individual taste buds and also depending on the sweetness of the jaggery.


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