Carrot Halwa / Gajar Halwa

Season’s favourite sweet dish : Carrot / Gajar Halwa. Gajar Halwa is one dessert that is loved by all. In winters the best juicy and bright Delhi carrots are available and yes they lend an awesome flavour to the halwa. A versatile recipe that can be prepared in a number of ways. Posting my version […]

Coconut and garden cress seeds laddoos / Alivache Ladoo

Garden cress seeds / aliv / halim are a rich source of iron, calcium, folate, beta carotene, Vitamins to name a few. High in nutrition, they are good for health, however moderate consumption of the seeds is recommended. Excessive consumption of the seeds is NOT recommended and also it is NOT recommended for pregnant women. […]

Chana Dal Payasam OR Kheer / Mangane / Madgane / Bengal gram Pudding

Many names, one recipe with minor differences that’s what I’d say about this sweet dish that is offered as naivedyam. This is a famous konkani sweet dish prepared using bengal gram dal, jaggery and the goodness of coconut milk. Some add a little cooked rice, while some add sago to the payasam to give it […]

Rice Payasam / Rice Kheer / Rice Pudding

On the auspicious occasion of Lakshmi Poojan may joy, prosperity, and happiness Illuminate everyone’s life and home. Posting a simple yet favourite recipe of Rice Payassam offered as naivedyam to Goddess Lakshmi. Rice Payasam/Kheer is the simplest, easiest and classic traditional festive recipe offered as naivedyam and loved by one and all. RECIPE : Ingredients […]

Kadabu / Deep fried sweet puran stuffed pastries

Kadabu are deep fried puran stuffed sweet pastries that are offered to Lord Ganesh as naivedyam in many households in Karnataka. Kadabu were a regular sweet prepared at my parental home in Belgaum and yes they are full of flavour. On the occassion of Ananth Chaturthi I’m posting the recipe of the same. RECIPE : […]

Nan Khatai / Eggless Cookies

Nankhatai are traditional Indian sweet eggless cookies that are delicious. Usually prepared with refined flour/maida, I have baked the same with a combination of whole wheat flour, gram flour, refined flour etc for a healthier version of the same. Also I added milk masala powder to enhance its flavour and the end product was awesome. […]

Steamed Jackfruit Cake / Phansache Dhondas

Nature gives us many health solutions and jackfruit is one of them. Jackfruit is rich in antioxidants, has a lot of Vitamin C content, dietery fiber hence aids digestion, is rich in Vitamin A, is a good calcium supplement, generates energy, strengthens the immune system, bones just to name a few. So do try and […]

Eggless Rava Cake / Eggless Semolina Cake

This is one delicious hassle free cake recipe that’s easy to prepare with minimum ingredients. The credit of this recipe goes to my late mom-in-law Nandini Thakur. She used to make the best rava cake ever. I have tweaked it a bit. Posting the same below. Recipe Credit : Nandini Thakur RECIPE : Ingredients 3/4th […]

Poori / Puri Shrikhand

Shrikhand Poori is a favourite combination loved by almost everyone. Shrikhand is a chilled flavoured dessert made from strained yogurt served with hot crispy deep fried bread / puris. Posting recipes of the same below. Poori (Deep fried bread) Pooris are small circular deep fried bread. Very rich in taste, if prepared the right way […]