Patal Pohyacha Chivda / Kachcha Chivda / Crispy spicy rice flakes

Almost every home has its own version of chivda and is prepared many times throughout the year, although during Diwali it is a must to prepare spicy varieties too to counteract the overdose of sweets. There are two varieties of chivda : one is the deep fried version and the other is a tempered chivda. […]


Sabudana Khichdi is one of the most favourite traditional fasting day recipe. It can be prepared as a breakfast dish, a fasting food or as snack. It is a delicious dish to savour on.. Quick and easy to prepare, its equally tasty too. RECIPE:  Ingredients 1 1/2 cups sago/sabudana (approximately 1/4th kg) 1/2 to 3/4th cup roasted […]

Pohe with the addition of peanuts and steaming hot filter coffee

Pohe is a traditional popular dish that is very versatile and can be prepared at short notice.A very versatile, quick, flavourful, power packed breakfast / snack recipe I’m posting my version. I’m posting Pohe with peanuts (having a shelf life of 2 months)from the Nasik region that I purchased from an exhibition.These peanuts give an […]


Appe are shallow fried dumplings that make a perfect breakfast choice. Most important they can be made with left over idli batter too. If prepared in a cast iron appe pan, the taste is simply over the top. Simple recipe, yes but very delectable I’d say. Posting the same below. RECIPE : Ingredients 1/2 cup […]

Shankarpali / Whole wheat deep fried Diamond crispies

Shankarpalis are a favourite traditional Maharashtrian snack prepared on festive occassions.   You can use maida or whole wheat flour .and a little maida. Actually very easy to prepare, sugar, water and ghee are boiled in equal proportions ( sama praman as we call it in Marathi) and all purpose flour or whole wheat flour […]

Methi Thepla

Methi thepla is a traditional Gujarati unleavened flatbread made with fresh fenugreek leaves and spices, toasted on a hot skillet with oil. Methi Theplas a favourite of mine yess, but I was always keen to know the tip behind making soft theplas. And yes I can manage it now after watching Chef Ranveer Brar’s series […]

Kelya che Umber / Sweet Banana Fritters

Kelyache Umber is a traditional Konkan / Goan recipe that is offered as naivedyam in Shravan as well as during poojas as naivedyam.This is a very quick and easy recipe wherein in the addition of over ripe bananas gives an awesome flavour to the fritters. This recipe is versatile wherein some people use whole wheat […]

Bhajani cha Thalipeeth / Multigrain Onion Pancake

With our busy lifestyles, we try to dish out something that’s quick and easy for breakfast. And yes most important we try to make a healthy start to the day. One such healthy option is nutritious thalipeeth /pancakes packed with nutrition prepared from multi grain flour. Once you have the flour handy all you have […]

Mix Dal Appe with Raw mango Chutney

Appe is a popular traditional breakfast/snack recipe that is prepared from a fermented batter of rice and pulses, in an appe mould that has small depressions. Usually prepared with a combination of rice and split black gram dal, this version is prepared with a mix of different dals and rice. Appe are crisp on the […]

Spiced Gram flour Dhirdi / Eggless Tomato Omlette(pancake)

Tomato omlette is a simple easy peasy pancake recipe that is prepared using gramflour as its main ingredient and a regular in Maharashtrian cuisine better known as dhirdi. This pancake gets its name as Omlette even though it is eggless since it resembles an egg omlette. Usually in restaurants it is served with tomato sauce […]