Poori & Moogachi Patal Bhaji / Whole green gram gravy

I had mentioned earlier that @ my hometown Belgaum, Poori Bhaji means poori served with mix veg kurma or coconut based patal bhaji usually sprouts gravy. Patal bhaji is one of my favourites, and I really missed the resto style flavours, so decided to try it out @home. After a few trials I managed to […]


Upma is one common healthy breakfast recipe that is delicious too at the same time. Upma is one recipe that comes in handy even when no vegetables are available. This is a no onion no vegetable recipe prepared with handy ingredients available. Posting my variation to the very simple upma. Please note upma and sheera […]

Pineapple sheera / Pineapple rava kesari

Pineapple sheera is an easy peasy naivedyam recipe that has a delicious flavour of fresh pineapple and can be whipped up real quick. It is also known as kesari when saffron or kesar colour is used.  Pineapple is not tolerated by all. Raw pineapple may itch the throat, it does itch mine. Hence you first […]

Chana Ghassi / Ghashi / Gassi Chickpeas in coconut based gravy

Chana ghashi is a favourite festive curry recipe from konkani / gsb cuisine. A versatile recipe with minor changes in each household, it tastes delicious any which way you make it. On a regular basis I used to add roasted fenugreek seeds, rice grains and chillies roasted in a bit of oil to the basic […]

Lasun paticha Pithla / Fresh Green Garlic in Spicy Gram Flour Curry 

Fresh green garlic a winter delight is loaded with anti oxidants, helps boost immunity, winter related illness like cough and cold / digestive issues, it is great for heart health too It is available in plenty in winter, so make the most of this seasonal tender vegetable that has a very balanced flavour. I added […]

Sweet Potato Payasam / Sweet Potato Pudding

May this Navratri bring one and all good health and prosperity 🙂.  Sweet potatoes are available in abundance these days and have a lot of health benefits, hence decided to prepare sweet potato payasam as naivedyam today . Sweet potato payasam is a delicious sweet naivedyam recipe made of sweet potato, coconut milk, sago and […]

Curry leaves Chutney / Kadipatta Chutney

Curry leaves an integral ingredient in our day to day cooking is used to add flavour to curries, dals and vegetables. Most of us don’t tend to eat the leaves and we discard it. But these very curry leaves have loads  of health benefits which include lowering cholesterol, maintaining blood pressure levels and curry leaves […]

Mix Vegetable Kurma 

Poori Bhaji when mentioned, we usually consider it to be poori served with dry potato sabzi, but at my hometown Belgaum, Poori Bhaji means poori served with mix veg kurma or patal bhaji usually sprouts gravy or potato curry. Today I’d like to share my version of mixed vegetable kurma recipe that is creamy, spicy, […]