Tondli Bhath/ Spicy ivy gourds rice (no onion no garlic)

Tondli bhath / Masale bhath is a spicy maharashtrian rice recipe prepared using kala / goda masala or with the addition of freshly roasted spices and is served with curds or raita. Now, masale bhath does not mean it has the same taste every time you make it. You can always vary its taste, by […]

Til Gul Poli / Sesame Organic Jaggery Flatbread

A very happy Makar Sankranti friend$$$$. This years first festive recipe is Til Gulachi Poli a favourite of mine that is prepared on this festive day. This year I tried using organic jaggery in the filling and yes the til gul polis tasted yumm. Also using unpolished sesame seeds increases the nutritive value of this […]

Pineapple sheera / Pineapple rava kesari

Pineapple sheera is an easy peasy naivedyam recipe that has a delicious flavour of fresh pineapple and can be whipped up real quick. It is also known as kesari when saffron or kesar colour is used.  Pineapple is not tolerated by all. Raw pineapple may itch the throat, it does itch mine. Hence you first […]

Chana Ghassi / Ghashi / Gassi Chickpeas in coconut based gravy

Chana ghashi is a favourite festive curry recipe from konkani / gsb cuisine. A versatile recipe with minor changes in each household, it tastes delicious any which way you make it. On a regular basis I used to add roasted fenugreek seeds, rice grains and chillies roasted in a bit of oil to the basic […]

Sweetened Gram Flour Balls / Besan Laddoo / Besan Ladu / Besan Ladoo

Besan Laddoos are nutritious, healthy, delicious melt in the mouth laddoos loved by one and all. There are many variations to the recipe. Today I am posting the basic traditional konkan style recipe wherein milk is added to the besan once its roasted and this gives an over the top taste to the laddoos. The […]

Whole wheat flour dink laddoos / Kanik dinkache ladu / ladoo

With Diwali coming up in 2 days and also the start of winter season, this Diwali it will be nutritious whole wheat laddoos with the added goodness of dink/ edible gum as dink is very nutritious and yes the mild crunch of dink adds falvour to the very simple whole wheat laddoos. Dink / edible gum is great […]

Besan Barfi / Burfi 

Besan Barfi / Fudge is a simple easy peasy sweet recipe that gives a yumm melt in the mouth texture. Just a little patience is required to roast the gram flour well and to get the consistency of sugar syrup right. Actually a hassle free recipe made with just a few ingredients : gram flour […]

Patal Pohyacha Chivda / Kachcha Chivda / Crispy spicy rice flakes

Almost every home has its own version of chivda and is prepared many times throughout the year, although during Diwali it is a must to prepare spicy varieties too to counteract the overdose of sweets. There are two varieties of chivda : one is the deep fried version and the other is a tempered chivda. […]