Poori / Puri Shrikhand

Shrikhand Poori is a favourite combination loved by almost everyone. Shrikhand is a chilled flavoured dessert made from strained yogurt served with hot crispy deep fried bread / puris. Posting recipes of the same below. Poori (Deep fried bread) Pooris are small circular deep fried bread. Very rich in taste, if prepared the right way […]

Red Pumpkin Deep Fried Bread / Lal Bhoplya che Gharge

Bhoplya che Gharge is a traditional Maharashtrian mildly sweet puri recipe using red pumpkin that makes a great evening snack or even for brunch accompanied by a spicy gravy. These puris taste great with batatya cha rassa or dry white peas usal or dry green peas rassa too. RECIPE : Ingredients 200 gms pumpkin gives […]