Fresh Green Garlic Dal / Lasni chya Patichi Dal

Fresh green garlic is now in season and they have a lot of health benefits including lowering cholesterol, high blood pressure, it acts as an antibiotic too.Green garlic is nothing but immature garlic that is harvested before the cloves mature. The stalks are green and resemble spring onions.It has a milder flavour than dry garlic […]

Kolhapuri Dal Tadka

Kanda Lasoon Masala is Kolhapuri spicy masala that adds flavour to vegetables, usals, dals etc. The masala is easily available @ the grocers, supermarkets, however I bought it from a foodie friend/ home chef Minal Raibagkar Kamat and yes the masala is simply awesome. Posting a simple, nutritious and delectable spicy dal recipe topped with […]

Drumstick Dal / Shevgya chya Shenganchi Amti (Version 2)

Drumsticks are in season and due to its high nutritive value we must make the most of it. Also known as a wonder tree and a superfood, it is used in many ways in Indian cuisine. They help reduce blood sugar levels, aid digestion, have a high amount of calcium, help to purify blood and […]

Dal Tadka

A simple, nutritious dal recipe topped with tempering that goes well with steaming hot rice. RECIPE: Ingredients 1/2 cup toor dal/split pigeon peas 2 cups water approximately to cook the dal 10 garlic cloves( adjust to individual taste) 1 green chilly 1/4th” piece of ginger 1 tomato finely chopped 2 1/2 tbsp oil /ghee (1 […]

Radish Dal / Mulya chi Amti

Radish is available in abundance in winter and is healthwise very beneficial. They are high in Vitamin C, folate, fiber to name a few. Including the same in our regular dals increases the nutritive value of the dal. In konkan the basic onion coconut black pepper coarsely ground paste also known as kanda khobra miri […]

Drumstick Amti / Shevgya chya Shenganchi Chincha Gulachi Amti

Come monsoon and I’m more into cooking different dals/amtis and kadis as the hot combination of piping hot dals with steaming hot rice is soothing to the throat. Drumsticks are easily available in the monsoons and they have a lot of health benefits. They are loaded with antioxidants, rich in vitamins, calcium, iron etc. These […]

Sweet, Sour and Spicy Dal

This dal recipe is a quick and easy dal recipe that has a blend of sweetness, tanginess and spiciness in equal proportions along with the added flavours of freshly grated coconut and fresh boiled peanuts. Posting a simple yet delectable recipe. RECIPE : Ingredients FOR THE DAL : 1/2 cup toor dal / split pigeon […]

Teppal Dal / Tirphalachi Dal

A simple, quick and easy dal with a dash of teppal for flavour. Teppal or Tirphal, a variety of sichuan pepper with a distinct flavour is a regular spice used in Konkani and Goan cuisine in a variety of dishes. RECIPE : Ingredients 1/4th cup split pigeon peas / toor dal 4 tbsp freshly grated […]