Spicy Tangy Tomato Curry / Tomato Saar (No onion No garlic)

Tomato Saar is a spice flavoured, thin consistency tomato curry that is served hot with rice. This light and flavoured curry tastes great even as is and is soothing too. It can be served as a soup too, as it has the right amount of spicy, sour flavours with a tinge of sweetness added to […]

Ginger Curry / Alya chi Tamboli / Tambli

Even though we can prepare various varieties of dals daily as an accompaniment with rice, we do feel the need for a change. Tamblis, kadis, coconut based curries come to the rescue on such occassions and they also have nutritional benefits. Today I’m posting the simplest tambli recipe that is easy, tasty and healthy at […]

Fresh Green Garlic Dal / Lasni chya Patichi Dal

Fresh green garlic is now in season and they have a lot of health benefits including lowering cholesterol, high blood pressure, it acts as an antibiotic too.Green garlic is nothing but immature garlic that is harvested before the cloves mature. The stalks are green and resemble spring onions.It has a milder flavour than dry garlic […]

Mix Vegetable Masala Rice and Tempered spiced buttermilk

On festive occassions we do prepare sweet dishes some of which are time consuming, which is why to save time, I try cooking simple easy peasy meal combos like pulao raita or the simple gravies to go with steaming hot rice with no added accompaniments required. Mix vegetable rice being one of them, is a […]

Tempered Buttermilk / Phodni cha Taak

Tempered buttermilk is a Maharashtrian beverage prepared using curds. It is mildly spicy and tart with a tinge of sweetness and relished during a meal and goes well with Dal Tandlachi Khichdi, Masale Bhath, Pulaos or even as is. Posting a quick and easy recipe that’s healthy and delicious. Buttermilk has high levels of calcium, […]

Karmana / Traditional konkan style tempered thand kadhi

Bliss Bliss Bliss that’s what I’d say about this traditional very simple recipe called KARMANA that is prepared literally in every household in Konkan and Goa but is not very popular outside. You can make this in a jiffy so much so that I actually require more time to click a pic than to prepare […]

Kolhapuri Dal Tadka

Kanda Lasoon Masala is Kolhapuri spicy masala that adds flavour to vegetables, usals, dals etc. The masala is easily available @ the grocers, supermarkets, however I bought it from a foodie friend/ home chef Minal Raibagkar Kamat and yes the masala is simply awesome. Posting a simple, nutritious and delectable spicy dal recipe topped with […]

French Beans Chutney / Farasbi chi Chutney or Tambli

Though french beans are available round the year, I love the tender fresh green french beans available in winter. They have a lush green look. Posting a simple, quick and easy GSB recipe that is known as thand kadi in konkan/goan cuisine and tambli/tamboli in Karwari cuisine.This french beans recipe can be served as a […]

Dal Tadka

A simple, nutritious dal recipe topped with tempering that goes well with steaming hot rice. RECIPE: Ingredients 1/2 cup toor dal/split pigeon peas 2 cups water approximately to cook the dal 10 garlic cloves( adjust to individual taste) 1 green chilly 1/4th” piece of ginger 1 tomato finely chopped 2 1/2 tbsp oil /ghee (1 […]

Radish Dal / Mulya chi Amti

Radish is available in abundance in winter and is healthwise very beneficial. They are high in Vitamin C, folate, fiber to name a few. Including the same in our regular dals increases the nutritive value of the dal. In konkan the basic onion coconut black pepper coarsely ground paste also known as kanda khobra miri […]