Kalya Vatanaya Chi Amti / Black peas in spicy coconut gravy

The much awaited rains are finally here, and yes we tend to relish onto spicy food in this weather, one of my favourites being Kalya vatanya chi amti. Posting a quick, easy and an alltime favourite Maharashtrian recipe that’s loved by one and all. Black peas in spicy coconut based gravy / Kalya Vatanya chi […]

Mirchi chi Amti / Chillies in spicy tangy coconut curry

This quick and easy, spicy, tangy curry is a regular in Konkan cuisine and goes well with steaming hot rice and shallow fried fritters.As the name goes chillies add flavour to the amti. RECIPE: Ingredients 1/2 freshly scraped coconut approximately 1 cup 2 tsp oil 1/4th tsp mustard seeds 1/8 tsp asafoetida 1 small onion […]

Drumstick Dal / Shevgya chya Shenganchi Amti (Version 2)

Drumsticks are in season and due to its high nutritive value we must make the most of it. Also known as a wonder tree and a superfood, it is used in many ways in Indian cuisine. They help reduce blood sugar levels, aid digestion, have a high amount of calcium, help to purify blood and […]

Horsegram flour Curry / Kulith Pithla

Horsegram/kulith is very rich in protein,calcium and iron. It is low in fat. It is one of the richest source of proteins in vegeterian category. A regular in Maharashtrian/konkani cuisine it is not widely known like maharashtrian pithla that is prepared with gram flour. Kulith pithla has a distinct unique flavour. Kulith flour/ pithi as […]

Spicy Mix Vegetable Gravy / Flower Batata Matar Rassa Bhaji

This is a maharashtrian spicy gravy recipe with an added tinge of goda masala which adds flavour to this simple recipe.This curry tastes best if served piping hot with dal rice or polis/ chapatis/ bhakris. RECIPE : Ingredients 150 grams small cauliflower florets (rinsed well and soaked in hot water to which a little salt […]

Kairi chi Udid Methi / Sweet Sour and Spicy Raw Mango Curry

This is a traditional recipe from Konkan / Goan cuisine. The flavours in this curry are sweet sour and spicy in equal proportions that tastes great with steaming hot rice and does’nt need any other accompaniment. I had jotted down this recipe from a cookery show and this recipe was shared by Late Marathi actress […]