Besan Barfi / Fudge is a simple easy peasy sweet recipe that gives a yumm melt in the mouth texture. Just a little patience is required to roast the gram flour well and to get the consistency of sugar syrup right. Actually a hassle free recipe made with just a few ingredients : gram flour + ghee+ sugar + water + cardamom. It is not at all difficult to get the one string consistency of sugar syrup.

  • 1 1/2 cup gram flour / besan 
  • 1/2 cup melted ghee
  • 3/4th cup sugar
  • 1/4th + 1/8th cup water
  • 1/2 tsp cardamom powder
  • Chopped almonds and pistachios to garnish ( as required)
  • First grease or place a butter paper on a plate or tray and grease it with a little ghee and keep aside. In one pan add sugar and water in the proportions mentioned and keep it on a burner, but DO NOT switch it on. 
    Heat ghee in an iron kadai, add in the gram flour and roast it stirring continuously on LOW flame on the smallest gas burner. First it will be a little difficult to stir it then as the gram flour gets roasted the ghee will start leaving the sides and it becomes very easy to saute the gramflour. Roast the gramflour till it changes its colour to golden and also till fragrant.
    The roasted fragrance is such that it can be smelt at a distance. Once roasted switch off the flame but keep stirring as the kadai is hot and the gramflour may get burnt.
    Now side by side heat the pan in which water and sugar has been added first on LOW flame, once the sugar dissolves, let it boil on moderate flame. Once the water starts bubbling reduce the flame to LOW and let it boil till it forms a one string consistency.
    Now checking this out is very easy : With the help of a spatula add a few drops on a plate, and after a few seconds pinch the syrup between the tips of your thumb and index finger, and very gently move the finger away from the thumb, one string of the syrup should be formed, if not let the syrup boil further. You may need to check it this way 3 to 4 times. Once you get the desired consistency, switch off the flame immediately, add the cardamom powder, mix well. Let it cool for just about 2 minutes. The syrup will thicken as it cools.  
  • Slowly add the syrup to the gramflour mix and continue to stir it ( off the heat) continuously till the mixture begins to thicken. 
  • Once the mixture is mixed well, pour the mixture in the greased tin and tap the tin gently so that the mix spreads evenly.  Now sprinkle the chopped nuts and gently press them in. Let the mix become warm. Cut into squares or any desired shape. Once totally cool separate the barfi and store in an air tight container. 

  • Always check the sugar syrup consistency on a plate. Do not try to touch the spatula as it is hot and sugar syrup if touched when hot will cling to your skin and may cause a burn.
  • The flame should be switched off as soon as you get a one string consistency, if not the barfi will become hard. 
  • Roasting the gramflour in an iron kadai gives a very nice flavour (khamang as we call it in Marathi) and colour, but you need to stir the ghee gramflour mix constantly as the kadai is real hot and the gram flour mix should neither burn nor stick to the bottom of the kadai. The gramflour should be roasted well if not it’ll spoil the flavour of the barfi. Constant stirring is very important for the gramflour to cook evenly and get an even colour. You may use any other thick bottomed kadai too but not nonstick pan as it will not give you that flavour.
  • Just getting the aroma of gramflour does not mean it is roasted well. It has to change colour too. Lesser roasting will leave an unpleasant raw taste.
  • Usually a drop or two of edible yellow food colour is added to the sugar syrup. I have’nt added any. 

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