This is one tasty alternative to left over idlis.Leftover idlis are shallow fried in ghee till crisp.Served with chutney and liquid jaggery also called kakvi. Kakvi has a host of health benefits : It improves haemoglobin levels,helps in blood circulation,controls acidity and gives energy too. So I try to include it as an accompaniment with roasted idlis, ambolis,neer dosa,ghavan etc


  • 5 Idlis or as required
  • Ghee as required approximately 1/2tsp for each idli
  • Chutney powder topped with sesame oil or chutney of your choice
  • Kakvi / molten jaggery/ liquid jaggery


  • Heat a tawa/skillet,add ghee, once it melts place the idlis and roast till golden and crisp. Turn over and roast till the other side is golden and crisp. Serve hot with chutney/ gunpowder(chutney powder) / kakvi.


  • If the idli is thick slice it into half horizontally so that it comes out real crisp.